The Danger of Comfort

I write with a heavy heart tonight. As many of you know, I have had a very special place in my heart for South Sudan for a really long time. It has been my desire for years to do something about all the fighting and hurt there. However, the recent famine has been enough to almost throw me over the edge. I have looked up the cost of a one way plane ticket there more times then I care to admit this week. I’ve researched adopting a child from South Sudan. I’ve talked to every aid agency still in the country. (If you haven’t heard about the recent famine there, you can learn more here)

God’s sovereignty does not negate man’s responsibility. God is still sovereign and God is still the God of those suffering in South Sudan and surrounding countries. However, that does not excuse us from doing something about their suffering. I wish I had a really clear, laid out plan of how to help, of something that you can do today to feed even one of the hundreds of thousands that are going without food. But I don’t. I simply don’t. After much conversation with the few agencies still in country, it seems that financial giving may be the most beneficial at this point. Within the next week or so, you’ll hear of some definite ways to give in that area. Fundraising ideas are flowing among some of my best friends and I. If you can think of something that you would like to see us make, and sell, as a way to raise funds, I would LOVE to hear it. We are also encouraging everyone to fast for a single day, and donate the money would have spent on food to feed another. However, I pray and urge you too, to be looking at ways to do the same in your life. We are called to help. We can not sit by and watch and wait to see how hard this crisis will hit. I will be happy to send anyone the direct link to donate to an aid agency, or you can simply get your money to me and I will be making one lump sum donation once we have raised some funds.

There are too many people that are too comfortable with never giving, or helping, or feeling what others feel. Friends, let us not forget that comfort sings a siren tune. The story of the Bible is God coming to help us, because we can’t help ourselves. What have you done with the blessings that God has given you?